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Important Information

Since November 2011 shipping company increased the cost of their service by 50%, but the cost of our service remains the same. Even more, starting November 1, 2013 we provide one DVD or CD disk free of charge as Christmas free gift. Please, be advised that the shipping service we use does not accept PO Boxes as your shipping address. Please use your private or office addresses only .

Please, write to me prior to payment for disks availability (since we order them at recording studious and DVD manufacturing companies) and issuing an invoice. tkancheli[@]me4u.biz (remove brackets)

Since shipping of merchandise from Georgia is rather expensive, unfortunately we have to sell CD/DVDs in sets which contain 3 – or more CD/DVDs. You can choose any amount CD/DVD from the list below (same or different titles) in the set. If you need more then 7 DVDs, I will provide you with discount.
Delivery to any destination of the world usually takes up to 14 working days.
As soon as we agree on the disks you are willing to buy and on the price I will issue an Invoice via Paypal and you will be able to pay.
The set of three DVDs.

Price: USD 30
Shipping: USD 10
Total: USD 40

The set of four Georgian DVDs.

Price: USD 40
Shipping: USD 10
Total: USD 50

The set of five Georgian DVDs.

Price: USD 50
Shipping: USD 10
Total: USD 60

The set of six Georgian DVDs.

Price: USD 60
Shipping: USD 10
Total: USD 70

The set of seven Georgian DVDs.

Price: USD 70
Shipping: USD 16
Total: USD 86

Choose DVD of Georgian Dances

Choose up to seven DVDs from the list below and before payment of relevant amount please send me an E-mail indicating the DVD which you would like to purchase. It is possible to purchase mixed items: CDs, DVD, and video tapes. You should consult with me first and I will check the availability and prepare special price for you. If you need more then seven DVDs, please write to me, I will provide you with discount and will create a special payment button for you.

Georgian dance performances

  1. Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvili. 4:3. 2007. 20 dances. 86 min.
  2. The Rhythms of Mountains Show. DVD. Georgian National Ensemble “Mamuli” with 12 sings and Ensemble “Lakvasta” with 9 songs. 2007
  3. Georgian Singing and Dancing State Academic Ensemble RUSTAVI. 13 dances. Stereo. 4:3. Concert of 2007.
  4. Diffused in Dance. Stereo. 4:3. 2005. Duration: 69 min With English and Russian subtitles. The film on how Georgian dancers are trained and its technology. With Tengiz Sukhishvili's comments. Sukhishvili Ensemble and its studious for children training.
  5. Georgian Spirit. Georgian National Dance and Song Festival. Best Georgian Dancing Ensembles in single DVD. 2007. Four in One. 1. Georgian State National Singing And Dancing Academic Ensemble Erisioni. 2. Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvili Dance Ensemble. 3. Georgian Singing and Dancing State Academic Ensemble RUSTAVI. 4. Gala Concert of Georgian State Symphonic Orchestra named after Jansug Kakhidze.
  6. Rustavi. Georgian State Academic Ensemble. 2005. (The DVD id devoted to the President George W. Bush visit on 9 May 2005 for Georgia. Some dances are performed right on the scene where President Bush stepped up). Program: 1. perkhuli, 2. Georgian, 3. Ajarian, 4. Khorumi, 5. Women Dance, 6. Svanetian, 7. Folk Instrument Trio, 8. Dance With Daggers, 9. Racha Dance, 10. Meadow song, 11. Kazbegian, 12. Karachogeli Song (Kintauri), 13. Dance with shields, 14. Chakrulo, 15. Mtiuluri
  7. Georgian State National Singing And Dancing Academic Ensemble Erisioni - dance performance in Switzerland in 2002. Dolby Digital 5.1. PAL 4:3.
  8. Georgian Musical Video Cocktail #2 from Giga Agladze. Video clips. 2005. PAL 4:3. Stereo. 95 min.
  9. Georgian Musical Video Cocktail #1. Video clips. 2004. PAL 4:3. Stereo. 95 min.
  10. Dance In The Tale (Real Story). Recorded in 2003 at the Georgian State Opera House. Genre: Georgian Dances. PAL 4:3. STEREO
  11. Rustavi. Georgian State academic Ensemble. 2003. Dances: Khorumi, Narnari, Nana, Gandgana, Sacekvao, Mtis melodiebi - Mountanian Melodies, Khajluri (hanjluri), Sisatura, Doluri, Sindi, Suliko, Pharikaoba, Shejibri. PAL 4:3. STEREO
  12. Live performance of Georgian National Ballet. 2002. 22 dances. 98 min.
    In 1988 the performance of the Georgian State Dance Company at the US was voted "Best Show of the Year" on Broadway.
    PAL 4:3. MONO Dances performed: partca, kartuli, horumi, kazbeguri, acharuli, jeirani, hevsuruli, samaya, karachoheli, davluri, kintauri, simdi, shejibri, samani, shkhelda, alvanuri, ajameti, uchkhresti, gadi-gamodi, zekari, ilouri, juta. http://gnb_sukhishvili.ge
  13. Georgian Dances. Fridon Sulaberidze. 60 Year Jubilee concert. Starring: Ensemble RUSTAVI, Sukhishvili National Ballet Ensemble, ERISIONI Clip, Ensemble UNIVERISTETI, Ensemble IMEDI, Ensemble MARTVE, Ensemble MDZLEVARI, Ensemble BICHUNEBI, Duduki Ensemble KSOVRELEBI. Film and theatre stars: Guram Sagaradze, Gogi Gegechkori, Nana Shonia. Singers: Tamriko Chokhonelidze, Marika Tkhelidze. Rejisori: Levan Tsuladze. Artist: Shota Glurjidze. Director: Aleksandre Lortkipanidze. Manager: Kakhaber Chkuaseli. PAL 4:3. STEREO
  14. Shin and Georgika. Concert in Ajara Music Hall. PAL 4:3. STEREO
  15. Teimuraz Tsiklauri. 2004. gmerto ikhesen saqartvelo. O Lord, Rescue Georgia. 6.05.2004 concert at the Tbilisi Z. Paliashvili State Opera and Ballet Academicals Theatre. Giorgi Brtskinvale Anniversary. Starring: Givi Berikashvili, Temur Chalabashvili, Temur Kvitelashvili, ME RUSTVELI Ensemble, MDZLEVARI Male Folk Ensemble, Pantomime Group led by David Shalikashvili. Director: Jemal Bagashvili. PAL 4:3. STEREO
  16. peiverki (feiverki) zgvis piras. Concert in Ureki (Resort at Black Sea shore). PAL 4:3. STEREO
  17. dimpit-auri. MAESTRO Studio. Concert for the New Year 2004. PAL 4:3. STEREO

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